Timithian Joy

So, my Pastor spoke of one of Paul’s apprentices this morning. The once shy Timothy. Philippians 2:20 – Paul let us know that Timothy was like no one else. He cared about the welfare of others.
::ring the alarm::

Where are the Timothy type people in THIS generation? Where are those who are really concerned with others? Those who praying for others, interceding for them? Where are those, who are credible. Where those who, despite being nervous about talent, continue to press on?

I feel like there is an objection in the blog’s audience: “I am shy”… So was he.

“The culture we live in is pre-occupied with ‘me’.” – Pastor Johnson

Is it that we have been so blinded by mirrors that we can no longer view through the glass?

Lots of questions, however only the individual can ascertain their own answer. Have we become a generation that is blind to the needs of others? It are the Timothys working to His glory and not the press…

Ivy Out


Child Like?

How do we perform during training days?

While co-listening (yes I was multi – tasking) to my ELAR trainers, I happened upon the whispers and voices of other adults. How much do adults resemble the students they teach? I am glad you asked (nod to Pastor J). MIRROR IMAGE!
There is a quote often heard, “you come into the world looking like your parents and leave looking like your choices.” If we only applied that to our faith.
If we came into the world looking like our Heavenly Father and left this earth reflecting His choices for us, or even following Christ’s example. How much value would the dash (in between our sunrise and sunset dates) hold?

Did I loose you? Let’s backtrack.

When a baby is born, we gather around them and ask which of the parents the child resembles. As they age into toddlers, we attempt to group character traits and personality when opportunity and identity meet. School comes, then we began to see academic habits form, the ribbons and rewards begin to stack up, and we have the celebrations that our families tend to have. Yes, I am generalizing. Finally, in a glorious time lapse, the high school children approach graduation. What they do now, in their pattern driven mind, either scars or propels them in the coming years. ::here is when children begin to look differently.::
What we do recreationally, nutritionally, sexually, physically, spiritually, and mentally show up in a very real way in our life.

Now fast forward to my original thought. What if we chose like Christ chose? What if we loved people in spite of differences? What if we choose the narrow path early and avoided veering off- consciously. What if we chose to view suffering with the thought: my later will be greater. What if?

I was recently in conversation with someone who said, “I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission.” I had a fundamental issue with the statement, not the speaker. The statement speaks to a mentality. An embedded philosophy of “mercy abuse”. Consequences exist. Positive and negative residue from our choices exist in everything.

When penning this, I was aware of one key concept. If it is to be, it is up to me. In order to reach, I must teach. In order to teach, I must live. There is no cliff notes to life or it’s lessons. I am not the expert, I am in the row next to you. It’s not where you are in a race with others, you are only in competition with the best of self.

::reflection time: what can you do today, that affects how you look tomorrow?::

Ivy Out


Strength in a word

So… This weekend has been interesting. In my opinion, I didn’t perform to the standard of excellence that I am capable of.

Flashback, the days were covered in prayer. I had the most amazing time with God in route to Saturday morning’s interview. The nerves started where the prayer stopped. I am not sure how you handle “expectation”, but when I am nervous it can feel heavy. When I opened my mouth to respond, I went blank. I got something out, but the comfort of all of the parables and verses that have taken residence in my heart drained right out. I came down really hard on myself, because I didn’t feel like it was a God smile moment.

I got to church today for me the strongest point was: OUR CHAINS MAY INFLUENCE SOMEONE ELSE’S CHANGE.

w o w…. The Apostle Paul endured so much, yet concentrated on joy in his epistle (letter) to the church at Philippi.

My entire weekend was almost spoiled because I focused on my shortcomings. I am choosing to turn my eyes to my Father. CHOICE! As long as I remember that “the joy of the LORD is my strength”, I have a focus. I can recall many times, old and new, of sheer divine deliverance. Today, I not only focus on those recollections, I am depending on the Father- Abba- Eloheim- Jehovah Jireh- to do it again!

Be blessed,

Ivy Out




-What do you do, when you’ve done all you can?

-What do you do when you feel like you haven’t done enough?

-Where do you turn when the knots in your stomach won’t untie?

-What do you speak, when your speech is the issue?