It’s Time…

Can I ask you an honest question?

When was the last time you had a conversation with God about you?

I mean, I am not asking you to stop interceding for others… I AM asking when is the last time you went to the Creator about His creation. When is the last time you allowed yourself to be vulnerable in the presence of Christ?

Social media, the Internet, reality television, and pop culture dictate lifestyles that photoshop reality so much that you can’t tell what’s genuine and what’s not. We celebrate filters and raise eyebrows at blemishes or standards of beauty that do not reflect a what’s popular. We police unwritten rules and mask love with likes, views, and follows.

Have you gone before Daddy and just laid yourself before Him? Do you realize that He knows? HE KNOWS what you can take and what will break you. He knows what you hide in your heart. There isn’t a filter He can’t see through. Nothing we speak from our lips can hide our hearts from Him. I urge you, to literally fall before Him.

Humility – meekness – Jesus talked about it?? Don’t believe me… check out Matthew 5:3-10. Know that He is waiting. God created the kind of forgiveness that we need to both give to others and accept for ourselves. Know that you aren’t too messed up for God to receive you.


Spend time with Him. It’s liberating. It’s healing. It’s time.