A few notes that I learned…

It’s here. The last week of 2021. If you have been following my blog for at least a year, or you know me personally, you know I am a reflective person. There are two marked periods of the year that I steep myself in reflection, the week before my birthday and this week in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Last night I took the time to write out some of my reflections. Like to hear them… here they go:

  1. When life moves too fast, constantly, you lose too much. It’s cool for a season, but it’s not often sustainable.
  2. Your environment often imitates your internal perspective. When I am going on warp speed, the space I occupy looks like the eye of a hurricane. Again, for a season… ok… indefinitely – nope. See number 1 for reference.
  3. Selective participation is a benefit of adulting. No is a COMPLETE SENTENCE. You not only get to say NO and mean it, I suggest you learn how to deploy NO’s when people start pulling on you too much. (You are people too. Tell yourSELF No too!)
  4. People’s proximity doesn’t automatically grant all access passes. Discern who needs to know what. That’s online and in real life. I love many, but like Jesus I keep a select few very close.
  5. Privacy is a gift. Value it.
  6. Creativity is not a full throttle 24/7 machine. It ebbs and flows. Learn the seasons and cycles. Don’t fight them, you won’t win.
  7. Cooking is comforting and lethargic as long as you aren’t hungry. (Bonus, don’t go shop for groceries while you are hungry either. Your pocketbook will thank you for adhering to this.)
  8. It doesn’t matter that people knew you yesterday, you grew. You are different. IF they have a hard time with that, let them watch from a distance. And if by some chance they turn into a negative entity in your life… remember Psalm 23. The Lord has already shared there will be an enemy audience at your table to witness your cup running over. Just pray to be able to discern people’s purpose at your table.
  9. Good music is literally the soundtrack to life, it should be embraced as such.
  10. Books are fieldtrips, no matter your age. They are free passport stamps that are pandemic proof.
  11. Support is real and GRATITUDE is invaluable. Especially when life is out here acting up.
  12. Water is life.
  13. Can we keep the social distancing and return the pandemic? No? ok.
  14. My vision board from 2021 is still accurate. And that’s ok.
  15. Stress kills. No really. Stop it.
  16. Anger is expensive. So is remorse, regret, and withheld apologies. You can’t afford any of these.
  17. Love heals.
  18. Discipline isn’t natural. Eventually you choose it, or you never acquire it. But having it requires consistency.
  19. Even if they never indicate it to you, someone is always watching. What they see, authenticity or not, is completely up to you.
  20. Faith + Learned Experiences are how we inform our decisions. Our life is a gumbo of stimuli, prayers, and decisions. Season well.

I am embracing what 2021 still has for me. When 2022 arrives, I will embrace it as well. It stands to be a year like no other.

Lord, this morning You reminded me of so much. I have literally been running a million miles a moment. Thank You for the shift. Thank You for those who have entered my life for their assigned season and those who have been given their leave. Thank You for blessings, lessons, and wisdom. I embrace HOPE as I close this chapter and open another. I thank You for that which I have overcome and that which I have yet to overcome. Between them is both celebration and preparation. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Ivy Out