Me: Internally External

Introducing Andonnia…


Once upon a time a young girl learned how to freely express herself through writing. Since that day, her life has never been the same. Hello. I am that girl.

I consider writing an extension of who I am. I am imperfect. I am unique. I am an individual, seriously, I’m not like anyone else I know;). I am God’s daughter and my parents’ only girl. I am also a big sister. I am godmother to three beautiful little girls who make me smile big. I am a cousin, soror, sister, tribe member, church member, ministry worker, philanthroservant, mentor, and artist. I am a writer. An extension of my life blood can be found in font, script, or print, spaced out between the infinite world wide web and the pages that hold my immortal words to share for generations to come. iPoetry, iNarrative, iBlog, iExpress, iAuthor. (and I apologize for the typos that I just corrected…)

I also speak. You can find more information about my speaking platform at: Andonnia Speaks

Most dream at night. I dream eyes wide open with words oozing out of my being. I hope you enjoy this journey, I sure will;)

100683Ivy Out

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