The sermon REDBOX preached…

So… This morning, while clearing my email notifications, I saw the customary weekend marketing push from Redbox. They got me last weekend… And THATS WHEN IT HIT ME.

My Redbox selection from last week is
sitting at the bottom of my purse…. OUCH!! (Can someone add that up?!? )

My week has been littered with late nights. No…not what some may think. Leaving work ….late. Getting to church…late, which means getting home….late. Oh, and going to sleep… Late! That’s been my week! Class, work, Church, planning, a little food (late of course), and minimal sleep are the items that glittered my hours this past week. I am grateful to God for every second of deliverance! However, there is something to be said about forgetting a costly DVD for S E V E N days.

I have seen the following scripture several times this week:

We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭16‬:‭1‬ NLT)

I made plans to return the movie the next day. That’s the beauty of Redbox, you only conveniently pay for the time you use. However, in a schedule like mine, with calendar alarms, written entries, and sticky notes (because I simply love sticky notes)… I still forgot my obligation.
Oh my… You mean it’s possible to commit and forget?
You betcha.
It is possible to go to God, beg and plead for a blessing; then you make that vow: Lord, IF You do xyz…. then I will do abc.

One, we need to stop attempting conditional negotiations with God. Especially since He knows our hearts and faults even now.

We also need to make time for purpose.

Let that sink in.

I committed to the movie by securing it with my bank card. I gave limited access to my resources with an open ended transaction. THEN… I didn’t hold up my end of the agreement and IT COST ME. Now it’s not the amount that’s being amplified here, it’s the principle. Our lives are so much easier to live, when we follow through with our commitments to God. We have obligations as Christians. Obedience, repentance, working out your own salvation, tithing, offering, and at the front of it all- serving. When we do do the things we are called to do…we pay for it.

You and I were created with purpose. Don’t let the “redbox” consequence encroach upon you… Do what you are supposed to. We are human and make mistakes, however we shouldn’t continue to make the same mistakes.



Love, it’s not for the faint at heart…

The misconception about love, is that it always feels right and comfortable, and convenient. If we were in an animated film, that might work. WE are humans, and we mess love up.

If God is love, and people question God, what stops them from questioning love? Nothing.

God loved the children of Israel. That’s proven by scripture.

Did that stop them from turning their backs on Him several times? No.

Did He stop loving them? No.

When they got delivered out of Egypt, they complained that they should have stayed there.

God still provided.

When they were told to possess the land, that was inhabited, God delivered it into their hands.

God delivered them out of it all.


Unconditional love. We throw that around a lot. Without condition. Meaning when you deserve it and when you don’t, I love you. When you turn your back on me, step outside of me, talk about me, wrong me, or when you disappear, I love you. This concept is easy to say and HARD TO DO for human beings. Our flesh wants to wrong those who wrong us. WE want to yell, cuss, and scream to show our frustration, love says to be gentle. Love says to pray for those who do wrong by you. Love says, let God handle wrath.

You want to be like Christ? Pray for those who are after you. In Luke 23:34, a dying Savior prayed for His accusers and persecutors. I thank God for Jesus. As tears stream down my face, I confess that this is NOT EASY. I don’t always want to love people who wrong me. But if I follow Christ, then I must pray and not spit back the poison they feed me. That’s at work, at home, at church, and everywhere else your feet take you. That’s love.

Don’t get mad, fall so deep in love that you never stop falling. Fall into a place with no ground, in love. Love for real (Romans 12:9 – Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.).

Ivy Out