Define You

Happy New Year and Such…


I was slowing down my morning with some reading to pour into myself. I started with a newsletter email from Chrystal Evans Hurst – she is SUPER Awesome by the way. The end the spoke to defining how one would be remembered. She spoke about her “two momma” and her cake plate and cookie jar. It got me thinking. How does ANDONNIA define herself? Without too much analysis, crazy right, I penned this:

Creative Analytical Thinker

Mixed Matched Socks and Dope Earrings

Nail Art and Short Hair

Black and White AND Color

Mixed Prints and Poetry

Art and Calligraphy

Music and Blogs

Nature and Comfy Spaces

Bold Balance Ambivert

Old Soul and New School Progressive

Grateful and Honest

Reflective and Forward Thinking

Vision Cast and Critical Steps

Breath and Exhale 

(yes, breath) 


There is something soothing about getting to define self. Once you do, you can teach it with clarity. It’s very difficult to teach what’s cloudy to you. It becomes mud in interpersonal connections. Attempting to introduce you to others before you know who or what that is a gamble at best. Now self isn’t static. The more we known and grow, the more we shift and change. Yet, at our core, we identify and define. So, here ^ I am. It’s nice to meet you.

“Healer and Hurricane” 

*IVY Out*