Reflect and Reset

It can be easy to welcome a new year without really giving any regard for the year you are leaving. I have learned that it’s best practice to finish a year before another one starts.

So… I have created a self-care worksheet to help guide your reflection. It will provide just enough space to celebrate blessings AND LESSONS from 2019. Once you do that… you are free to really look at 2020 with clear vision.

It’s a whopping $1! It works great with digital platforms and can also be printed. It’s an instant download in my etsy shop. Feel free to share this with others.

Here to grow and glow with you!

Ivy Out

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Hard Lessons -PEOPLE

I remember certain people that, in my head, were root people. Meaning, I just knew they were lifetime connections. I could already see it. In my head I have been married, a mother, been on girl’s trips with bestfriends… had THAT job… in my head these things were going to happen.

In reality, not so much.

I had to learn not to mislabel people. It’s hard. Sometimes I would label a man “husband” when he wan’t even boyfriend. Didn’t mean he was a bad person, just wasn’t the reason he was in my life. I labeled some women sister or best friend and some were just acquaintances.

ALL CONNECTIONS TEACH. Some are lifetime connections and some are seasonal connections. That season may not change with winter or spring. Maybe it’s at a particular job or church – as long as you are in that space, then you are connected. Sometimes, that connection comes to reveal something in you. After the lesson is internalized and actualized, you notice the connection dissipates. Learn to let go.

Letting go is a skill.

Don’t be angry if calls slow or cease. Don’t kick up dust or throw stones. Acknowledge the season and move on.

Forever is a long time to hold fruit past its season.

Love, Light, and Truth,


Ivy Out



What makes you want to get up in the morning? What makes going to bed tired, whenever that is, worth it?

How much longer shall we punch the time clock of life while living casually?

I saw an almost wreck today. I immediately began to thank God that I wasn’t looking at the aftermath of the red light the jeep disregarded. Life can change THAT fast. It is not going to ask your permission. It is not going to wait for you to hit the breaks on bad decisions, or accelerate the good ones. Time is going to continue to push forward. What you do with the time you have, is up to you.

To me, living life without faith is like driving to an undisclosed location, without gps, full speed ahead.

You can argue with a lot of things, but that analogy should at least make you think.

What would you tell your child if you gave them instructions to go to the store, gave them your debit card and keys, but never gave them the directions to the store. Landmarks only work if they can be recognized.

2019 reminded me of some lessons I learned the hard way. I bought some really nice pieces, but sacrificed somethings I shouldn’t have. I sold some art, but not as much as I liked. I sold more t-shirts that I thought I would, but I didn’t track progressions like I know to. I said good bye to some people I wish I wouldn’t have had to. Longed for someone I shouldn’t have. I got up to preach and felt the weight of the failure – even though some got blessed by it. I produced poems that hit home for me, and me alone.

But I did it all.

I said the things.

I apologized – because you can not call yourself mature if you refuse to own when you mess up.

I said more hello’s to new people.

I was triggered by social media, and podcasts, and memories, and one particular therapy client.

Somewhere some good things happened.

Noir Bella Project expanded into a weekend retreat. I had one art show – and I am sooo grateful for that. I laid the groundwork for CONCRETE GLASS. I started teaching my 11th class of middle school readers. And for the life of me, I think there are more things… they don’t jump out at me.

But that’s how this goes. The negatives stick out more. They always do. So… let’s develop them. Helping people drives me. I seem to have diversified how I do it, but I now recognize that I have been walking in that since I was a little girl. I get to do it internationally soon. Stoked.

I was going to wait until Christmas to release my Reflect and Reset document… but I think I’ll release it earlier than expected. JUST NOT TODAY.

It will be a free document to guide you down memory lane. I believe strongly that you shouldn’t start a new year until you finish the one you are in. So before you crack open the 2020 calendars (except for the folks who are already #bookedandbusy and have 2020 dates already 😉 ), let’s wrap up what we have done, seen, and memories established in dear old 2019.

Will you be back to download the document? It’s free. Will you share this one with friends? If they subscribe now, they will get the notification as soon as it comes out – just like you.

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