Growth moment… Today

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” -C. S. Lewis

Today, as I inhale, I realize how much being supportive of others can lift their spirits. As a teacher, I can name countless lessons that my students teach me. However, today, I can just simply say… My students learn more from the supportive encouragement from their peers than from me. Yes, it is true that I provide lessons and learning, but when they are looking for that cheer section…it gives them courage.

Elizabeth encouraged Mary. Bartimaeus encouraged the masses…with the reality that Jesus heals. Barnabas’ story is comforting to many. It is Christlike to encourage, even at the expense of your own feelings.

Today, I celebrate with many. I lift high the celebration of everyone who is being blessed today. The Lord is in my hallway and I am rejoicing NOW!




Often times we wonder why we endure things here on earth, then we are reminded by the many verses available, that the servant is not greater than the master. They lied on Jesus, beat Jesus, disbelieved Jesus, mocked Jesus, even judged Jesus, why would we miss out on the enemy’s ploys? The good news, we have hope in the One who delivered us. Our trials are not for naught, trouble doesn’t last forever, and God STILL answers prayers.
On that note I share something with you that blows my mind every time. For the past month I have been praying for several targeted things. I prayed about clarity concerning a city that KEPT popping up. Even recently, for ten minutes, I kept seeing that city’s name. A few weeks ago, plans were made for a kingdom movement in that city. I was invited to be a part. I had been reading in Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah Bible study about ministering at home. What had I been doing HERE. In areas easily accessible to me? I know there are needs abroad, but the US has TONS of people who would be forever changed by being introduced to Jesus. I was honored to be asked to attend, humbled by the woman of God who extended the invitation, and even more blown away by the Lord who targeted my thoughts. (Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for YOU..)
Of course, in the array of things that I pray about, I have been praying that God keep His hand on me. I know for a fact that the devil doesn’t attack the idol. I also know that I have a lot of growing to do. There is comfort in the presence of God. There is comfort in knowing God answers prayers. So like most children do, I began to ask to see God. I wanted tangible evidence that the Lord indeed heard my prayer. People had been prophetically (not pathetically) speaking that God heard me, but there is nothing like first hand experience. I asked and God has been answering. Today, while checking mail at work, I found a check. Talk about on time. I just believe God is providing for the things He has called me too. 
The shift started a month or so ago. I can’t tell you what tomorrow holds. All my plans are in pencil, God holds the pen and calls the shots. I have learned and am still learning. 
Humbly submitted, 
Ivy Out

On that note…

I had the pleasure of being really busy this weekend. However I will never be to busy to say thank you. For each of you who follow my journey, share my blog posts, or just acknowledge growth with me. Thank you!


More coming soon. 


Ivy Out


I don’t just want to love you….I want to LIKE you too!

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I want to actually like my husband. 

I read as much as I can on marriage. My goal is to one day be in a God centered marriage and start a family. Over the years, I have attended several ceremonies, showers, and witnessed linage growth of loved ones and strangers. I have also consoled through divorce and separation proceedings, prayed through relationship break ups, and dried countless tears. The most disturbing phenomena that I have encountered while meeting the many people that I have in my short thirty years, is married people who don’t like each other. 

Heaven help us. Marriage, the ministry and the relationship, isn’t supposed to be a chore. You should LIKE the person you join with. It’s a bonding process. Two are to become one, not designed to separate. Society paints marriage like salad dressing. Two individuals who get shaken together to make one unit…until one settles out and they separate again.  I see marriage like the joining of two metals to form an alloy. The two metals, under fire, join and become a new thing. 

When it’s time to go before God in covenant (not convenience) I want to like and love the person that I bond with. I have enjoyed the presence of God via prayer today. Before I close my eyes today, I will pray for those who are married or entering marriage. I pray that spouses get back to a place of learning one another. I do not feel like anyone has arrived, so there is always more to learn. I will pray that God’s will for marriage is restored. That the wives will submit to a husband who submits to Abba. That the nasty stain of divorce is dissolved. That healing will take place in the home. 

The marriage is a strong foundation for the legacy of children. Our children either pick up where we left off, or start where we started. Lets increase the success by being the model. 



So… Today after being in “controlled chaos” within a swarm of hypersensitive, hormonal, vocal eighth graders (and overtly frustrated teachers), I realized that God showed me a view of my life.

I DO NOT FUNCTION at my best during chaos. Because I have been in some crazy experiences, my brain continues to function, think things through, and I react quickly. YAY! That’s good right? It would be if it didn’t come with grumbling, side comments, and well…. I don’t hold back how I really feel.

The Bible reminds me that only a fools speaks their mind (Proverbs 29:11), so it is wise to pray that The Lord guide my thoughts and speech. The truth is, life isn’t chaos free. It just so happens to be a part of the valley experiences that come with breathing.

Today I saw just how unkempt I am during mental clutter. When too much is going on, thinking is scattered like a strobe light. It signals a clean up on aisle 8. New beginning. Start with the one thing you can control, your thoughts. Slower breathing. Deeper reflection. Immediate action.

It’s not that we ask God to stop the chaos. We ask Him to custom fit us. Make US better.

Love you from a place of deep breathing and kitchen cleaning. 😉

Ivy Out