A Day of Answered Prayers

I have found myself asking questions and praying to God…well talking to God as if He was right next to me.

Am I the only one who is doing that in this season?

When the speakers were announced for The Answer Conference I was elated. I immediately made plans to have my face in the place so that I could glean from this hand picked team of leadership. One guest in particular became the target of a few prayers. God and I conversed about my desire to meet her. This woman who had been transparent with her scars, her truth, her past, and who has chosen to let the public in on enough of her life to see God blessing her in amazing ways. I kind of… Strongly requested to meet her. To the One who could do anything, I made my petition. In conversation I mentioned it to one who is very close to me. I didn’t know how God would do it… I just believed He would. (You know… That have not ask not kind of faith)

So… Fast forward… The conference was amazing! From start to finish. The very FIRST speaker to teach blew my mind. I could trace my life, my current situation, my growth,
and even some of my own thoughts in his content. Later, the speaker I prayed about meeting entered with her husband.

I totally had a fan girl moment… She was actually close enough for me to walk up to. Of course I couldn’t…. But she was close enough. I listened as she spoke. I felt like she was speaking directly to me. Then it happened… I received notification that I would actually get a chance to meet her. I IMMEDIATELY started to cry. God had heard me. Literally. THAT is the GOD I serve. The small little prayer that I sent up to the Father was received and scheduled for delivery.

Now… without continuing… What have you been asking God for? Do you ask with the belief that He hears you? Because if you don’t, stop asking.

I know that bad things happen. I am not blind or dense enough to deny the atrocities believers face. ::pause:: When I am exposed to audio visuals….I cry. Real tears. I weep for what our brothers and sisters are facing. It tears at me. I pray, HARD. I have to trust that God is working everything out for His glory. Then I get back in my Word and realize that it’s truth isn’t predicated on my current condition. At THAT point… I get my requests back to THE ONE Who Answers Prayer.

Now… Sometimes the answer is “no” or “not yet”. I waited. I didn’t hear that. I didn’t hear anything. I kept believing. Let’s wrap this up by saying…it was one of the sweetest, stillest moments of my thirty-one years of life. She heard what I shared… She responded… We hugged a couple of times…and I was able to speak freely from my heart. Unbelievable. This really happened. Your gifts WILL make room for you… She actually turned my message around and encouraged me.

Yup. I am totally still in THAT moment. Wow Lord. Only You could orchestrate that. All honor to The Most High.

This entire narrative was to stress ONE thing… PRAYER STILL WORKS. Keep praying. Do NOT get tired. P.S. He knew we would get tired, so the encouragement was there before we needed it. Everything I need… (Finish that).

With a full heart and a huge smile…
Ivy Out 😉


Grace Filter

Let me tell you about MY Jesus.

It has been one of those days. You know, the one where you have to talk to yourself, so that you don’t blow up at other people? Am I the only one? Surely not.

I have called on Jesus more times today than I can count. What I kept reminding myself of was one simple word…GRACE.

I told myself to view my moments of frustration through the filters of Grace. If social media had a grace filter for what we see and read…. But that’s another post. It was imperative for me to remember the God who saved me. I know I’ve grieved the Father, Son, AND Holy Spirit. I am constantly working on being more Christ like; it’s a process. It was important for me to realize that love keeps no record of wrong. In my line of work, I have to LOVE ON PURPOSE. This annual focus of mine is going to one, two punch me before it all said and done. I can see it now, “Love knocked her out!”


Let’s share, if you dare. How was your day to day? Did you need a GRACE filter? If not, how did you show love today? Let’s all continue to LOVE ON PURPOSE.


Ivy Out