Set Your Mind (and a guard over your lips)…

I think I’ve heard so many quotes about thoughts and speech in my lifetime that I can feel them coming. Once I hear them coming, it’s sad to say, I think I tune them out. Well, I used to. Today was one of the days when all of those seeds took root and began to harvest. 

I began my morning with three text messages (and prayer of course). I hate for the little notification bubbles to sit on my phone, so of course I began to read them. While the first one brought a smile, the next immediately arrested me. Someone I knew, and revered, had gone home to be with the Lord. Wow. I am starting to think that I’ve taken lifespans for granted. I just expect some people to live forever. I just need them to be here. Ptah(<sassy mouth noise>), I am not Abba, El Elyon, or anything comparable to Christ…so I call NO shots. 

I then proceeded to flow in instinctive written communication of my feelings. I didn’t break down in a terrible fit, which is common of my youth, but I was disturbed. I had so many questions. I had actually just asked a former business partner, and current make up client, about her. I began thinking of things I wish I said, questions I wish I would have asked, and thinking about hugging her one more time. I can still see her on stage giving her testimony and encouraging the ladies to “suit up”. I posted a message, on two sites, and then when the responses began to come in, I felt “some-kind-of-way”. I could probably create an entirely new blog about that feeling, but alas I will move on. I remember distinctly, asking friends to pray for her family (and to turn prayers away from me). 

Why? Simple, in this matter I didn’t hurt the worst. I wanted to direct the prayers to those who needed them most. I then did something that is only common in this particular season of my life. I changed my message to that of prayer and joy. Don’t get me wrong, I did think of her several times today, but not in a sob-stop-living-kind-of-way. I lived today with her in mind. I put my faith into practice. 2 Corinthians 5:1 says we have a home not made by human hands…I know in my heart that God can take care of His children without any help from me. I chose to trust God to tend to His children, and their prayers, and I sought after joy.

I really did enjoy today. I paid bills (grown up ritual on paydays…isn’t that horrid? j/k It’s a blessing to have funds to pay them.), did some girl stuff (attended to the pair of hands and feet that God gave me), and saw people who always lifted my spirits. The simple things in life always resonate the most. 

I culminated the public portion of my day but reminding (or encouraging) others to encourage someone. Most of the time, we have no clue what people are going through. WE cannot take any day, hour, minute, or second for granted. Smiles are NOT always good indicators of mood. So, I too challenge you, make it a practice of giving out genuine encouragement. Smiles are free, sharing videos or pictures of substance is free, scripture is free to us (but it cost Christ His very life, that we might be saved!) and available to share (don’t have a Bible:, so many resources that we can share. 


With LOVE in my heart just for YOU!





A (5)


This time last year, I was seeking God for a job. I had peace about leaving my last position (which I absolutely loathed), but I didn’t have a job lined up for 2013-2014. I had to exercise my faith. 

Let’s look at what exercise does in the natural. I am working on it, but I am not as disciplined as a few others… I have friends who are fitness competitors. Exercise is a regular part of their life. I watch them transform their bodies by using resistance, repetition, and  assistance to activate muscles so that others could see the definition of their bodies. Then they hit the stage and showcase their results with others who have worked equally as hard.

Don’t bring the physical to a faith fight. You have to operate in the spirit, much like they have to in the gym. We have spiritual weapons, the one I highlight today is PRAYER. Prayer is essential in any spiritual exercise. Resist the urge to live only in what your two eyes can see, pray repeatedly (Matthew 7:7), rely on assistance from the Holy Spirit and be a light reflecting the power of God. Matthew 5:16 reminds us that our light is a beacon for others to see the work of God in us. 

This summer, I have a job to go back to (that I actually like), a ministry assignment (that I am growing in), a business (another way I can tap into women everywhere), and lots of writing to do. I am a blessed woman because I exercised my faith…with prayer. 


When will you start working out your faith?


PHOTO taken by Charlene of Ickthys Photography




Love: A Badge of Honor

As it often does, curiosity drove me to research. That research birthed a child, TA DA! It’s this blog. It’s about time curiosity lead a woman TO God. (Some of you will catch that later…)

I often hear the term “Elect Lady” in churches. Well, I hear it referenced to first ladies or women in the ministry. However, when I read 2 John, this entire epistle (letter) is addressed to “her”. Now forgive me, I have no clue what drove me to 2 John. I read it in something, I’m sure. This Elect Lady and her children, according to my research, referenced a church. How befitting! Eklektos (Greek term for chosen) actually is defined as chosen by God or prominent. Isn’t that the Biblical depiction of Christ’s bride? The church. It’s a body of people. Its the body of Christ. The extension of the work God started…. an entire post on its own. For the sake of time, the church is NOT a building. Ok? 😉

In this particular letter, around verse five, Paul is urging them to love one another as commanded by Christ. So of course my handy-dandy-study Bible gave me the scripture reference to the new COMMANDment given by Christ in John 13:34-35. So I hop on over and read familiar words. A church I was a part of when I first moved to Houston used to recite a portion of this verse every Sunday. In John 13 Jesus is explaining to the disciples that He would be glorified by the Father, and in sum, He would be leaving them.

As recently taught by my Pastor (Pastor THJ!), I’m glad Jesus sent the Holy Spirit that can be with me, with my parents back home, and everywhere at the same time!

BUT, right after Jesus explained His departure, He gave a new COMMAND. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, that doesn’t leave room for interpretation, does it? Any military readers want to chime in here? COMMAND… something we MUST do. Are we on the same page?? Awesome.

The command was to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AS CHRIST HAS LOVED US. Heavy huh? Did He ask you to save the world? Kinda, He asked you to love people. What a mind blowing concept. Get this, there’s more. “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35 ESV)

Yup, PRESTO: You’re Christian ID Badge of Honor is LOVE. Now the beautiful thing is, we are to love because we were first LOVED. I typed were, but I really mean AM. We ARE loved by God, so we are to love others. Love them when they are nice to you, and love them when they are rude. Love them when they love you back, and when they have no clue who you are. That rude customer service rep who isn’t trying to help you at all, yup love him/her. The person who is too close to you in the line at Chipotle, yup, love him/her too. The person who’s beliefs are completely different from yours, be it moral, spiritual, or otherwise, love HIM/HER too. Love doesn’t mean you agree, condone, or promote that person’s agenda, beliefs, or behavior. It’s the COMMAND that CHRIST gave HIS children as a sign…get this…that WE ARE INDEED HIS CHILDREN.

WE, the Elect Lady AKA the CHURCH, have a job to do. WE have to get better about this love business. It’s serious business. So much so, that I get excited when I encounter it. Instead of it being the norm, it is now the anomaly. WE have work to do. Will you join in with me? Let’s love on purpose! Godly love people, don’t pervert what we are commanded to do. (That’s another blog… one who perverts the word is NOT of God.) When you see fit, which is all the time, love on one another. Encourage one another. Spur another believer in spiritual growth. Be like Christ: L O V E somebody.

P.S. Can you be a love bug and share this with someone else? I see all kinds of things go viral. It would be LOVEly for a message about LOVE to go viral too. Just a thought;)

Loving EACH of you,