It’s because I’m a woman, right?

Women have the responsibility of being emotional. We have been gifted with the nurturing skills to make sure the next generation is properly cared for. We were given a certain “extra” capacity to love our spouses and significant others. We were given the precious gift of carrying life… but, it’s because I’m a woman that I feel the way I do right now.

I am curious about him. I pray about discernment. I pray concerning him. I don’t know if he knows it. When I hear from him, there is a one ton weight on my chest. Some unknown anxiety of…”I wonder how his day is going?” “Is he smiling?” “God bless him today.” 

Yes really, I think these things. I’ve always been “that” girl. I know that God has more for me than past hurts. I don’t wallow in them. Thankfully, when I’m over it, I can still be cordial and friendly. I don’t hate any man from my past. There were lessons learned, maturity examined, and ultimately each one wrong is a step closer to forever right. 

Nothing about love is logical. A friend of mine asked me my definition. Enjoy: 

Love is hard to explain. It’s more a verb than anything. It is action and forgiveness, fondness, and a deep seeded emotion that is illogical and non conforming. Love is amazing and also crippling. Under the covering of God, it is what we should possess for all mankind…in the case of my heart’s fullness…Love with the wrong person is my kryptonite. With the right person, it is my super power. 


Not grammatically correct, but honestly genuine. 

Ivy Out

By Andonnia

I am the King's daughter. I am my parents' daughter, a godmother, an aunt, a niece, a sister, a soror, a listener, a hearer & doer, a philanthroservant, a writer, a student, a teacher, a live-right enthusiast, a fail forward live-er, a business woman, a woman after God's heart! ~iLove~

Thoughts? Comments? Leave your mark. ;)

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