Most Wanted Hit List



Comfort is a killer. A silent killer. It’s akin to “complacent” and a close cousin to “settling”.  Comfort has never been indicted, although it’s publicly known for causing surges of negative impact on every life it encounters. Is comfort on trial in your life?

Once upon a time today would look different. Happy to say that maturation has had something to do with recent decisions. #GoJesus 

*fist pump*

Ivy Out

By Andonnia

I am the King's daughter. I am my parents' daughter, a godmother, an aunt, a niece, a sister, a soror, a listener, a hearer & doer, a philanthroservant, a writer, a student, a teacher, a live-right enthusiast, a fail forward live-er, a business woman, a woman after God's heart! ~iLove~

Thoughts? Comments? Leave your mark. ;)

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