Won’t Back Down


I just watched “Won’t Back Down” (the movie) and cried my eyes out. What an honor and privilege it is to teach. You work more than contracted hours, you spend a lot of your own pay check, you nurse wounds and counsel tween concerns, you hang custom art, erase graffiti, hear broken phrases and profanity, dry tears, provide lunch money, buy clothes and school supplies, toggle state and district paperwork, grade 130+ papers, oh yea.. you personally get to greet and touch a generation one heart at a time. Teachers are not perfect, but we are called. Despite the insurgence of “fall back” teachers that people ‘talk’ about, there are a LOT of educators who CARE ABOUT KIDS.  WE care. I care. 

I almost walked away from the impressionable minds that teach me. They mourned my grandmother and great aunt with me. When my mother had surgery, my students made cards. When I got my puppy, my students kept up with his life. They were just as much a part of my life, as I am apart of theirs. I have touched students for four years, this upcoming year is my fifth. I expect the best, there are no exceptions. That goes for Miss. Maiben as well!

Teaching: we are the one industry that all other industries rely on. Without us, where would a nation be? You wouldn’t be able to read this blog, if not for a teacher. Homage to those who taught and still teach me. (p.s. parents are a child’s FIRST teacher – homage to you too!!)


Smiling – Ivy Out

By Andonnia

I am the King's daughter. I am my parents' daughter, a godmother, an aunt, a niece, a sister, a soror, a listener, a hearer & doer, a philanthroservant, a writer, a student, a teacher, a live-right enthusiast, a fail forward live-er, a business woman, a woman after God's heart! ~iLove~

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