Shutting Up is Maturing…



In the past few days, I have been an emotional roller coaster. The funny thing is, it left as fast as it came. I realize that I had the sense enough to pray and speak to someone who is not only biblically wise, but practically wise as well.  I am a sensitive person. There is no getting around the power of my emotions, good or bad. I have slowly grown into a place where I can refrain from speaking out of a 100% emotional place. Lost? I’ve learned not to speak every word that crosses my mind.


C  E  L  E  B  R  A  T  E !!


THAT is an accomplishment! Women have gotten a bad wrap for talking too much. It’s not any particular woman, just women in general. We’ve probably earned that little banner, but that’s not a good one to carry.  Only a food speaks everything on their mind!!! Don’t believe me? Head over to Proverbs 29:11 and take a gander. I once thought I was grown when I could give you a piece of my mind. I learned quickly that I was foolish. Foolish doesn’t have an age limit, a race, or even a gender. WE’VE ALL BEEN FOOLISH A TIME OR TWO. Maturity is learning when NOT to say something. When you have thoughts burning inside of you, it can be painful to restrain. When you THINK that you MUST speak, that’s probably when you shouldn’t. Emotional speakers do not taste their words before they say them.


A few days ago, I said a lot. I didn’t say every thought that crossed my mind, and it allowed me an opportunity to really listen. Always having something to say can sometimes indicate that you aren’t listening. (Practical exercise: go have a conversation and actively listen. Shut down the reflex to start forming a response as that person speaks. Do NOT interrupt anything being said. Only respond when you have been handed the floor. Come back and share your comments!!)


I was an emotional wreck on potential. The possibility of what I thought would be hard to say or not say. I spoke to wise counsel and I sought out HEAVENLY guidance. I ended up in the midst of peace in 24 hours.


God answers prayer and GROWTH is always welcome.



By Andonnia

I am the King's daughter. I am my parents' daughter, a godmother, an aunt, a niece, a sister, a soror, a listener, a hearer & doer, a philanthroservant, a writer, a student, a teacher, a live-right enthusiast, a fail forward live-er, a business woman, a woman after God's heart! ~iLove~

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