Just yesterday I received a call – a prayer warrior I know passed from cancer. Let me temper that with the fact that I didn’t even know the lady was sick. We used to be very active in a joint venture and she regularly led a prayer call I used to “attend” in the wee hours of the morning. I believe she was under 55, but I know she was under 60. Perspective! My work issues, relational questions, and personal woes seem like nothing while her family is dealing with grief.

While there are seasons for everything, I value the triumphs that I’ve celebrated in my tender twenty-nine years. I have been blessed to see faith at work in my life. My pastor has been reiterating something that hit me recently. When reading about Jesus’ miracles you often read : “According to your faith, be it unto you.” (OR something simular to it.) It’s your faith that can unleash doors or inhibit the savior. One poor city was filled with unbelievers and there Jesus could do no miracles. Am I saying the Almighty has flaws? No, I’m saying WE do. We, human flesh, bearers of choice, made in his image but with sin as a fatal flaw, we make errors. I make them, and if you are honest, you too can count a few. Yet, when we get phone calls like the one I received, you don’t see your hurdles as harshly as you might have.

If you having a hard time, begin to shift your thoughts to the things you can be grateful for. If it gets so bad that you can’t readily think of something to be grateful for, start with life. Begin to thank the Father that you are alive and that you have the activity of your limbs. Maybe you are ill, you have the faculties of mind necessary to read this. Maybe its the comfort of family or friends, or even a pet, but find something to be grateful for. When you spend time dwelling on THAT, it helps to change your perspective. (and today, that is where we will end our focus for this blog…)


Ivy Out