Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can overflow with Joy?

Have you ever been so full, you thought you would burst? I have. Yesterday was one of those days. Now don’t get it twisted…as a human being we aren’t shielded from those things that happen to us all…but ALL IN ALL my day was great. I am excited about my assignment. I am excited about encouraging young girls and seasoned women! I am excited about the WORD OF GOD manifesting in my life!

This will be short because I have another to share later…”Part Time Christians”…Being a Christian isn’t a convenient monicker or bumper sticker. It’s a WAY OF LIFE. The word says we can’t be luke warm! I remember thinking I could live how I wanted and “straighten up” when I got older…ABSOLUTELY NOT! The Lord wants your obedience to His will and way right now! There is a danger in thinking we are immune just because we know Jesus
! Salvation isn’t something we loose because of choice…but we can sure SUFFER because of choice. BUT…that’s not this post…

Ivy Out


Words are puzzle pieces.

Have you ever wondered why pictures are worth a thousand words? Why language…as it advanced…was filled with more words than pictures? Why, as we grow older, our books are filled with more words and pictures seem to confined to book covers?

It’s a WORD that plays into your puzzle, into the conundrum of life. (Conundrum:
According to 1.
a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words, as What is black and white and read all over? A newspaper.
anything that puzzles.
Origin: 1590–1600; pseudo-L word of obscure orig.)

Words create our pictures! I can’t help but celebrate the fact that words are immortal! The Word of God, is written in the Bible. It has transcended ages…once orally spoken…then written to continue its mission.

It’s is in this vein that I address the WORDS coming out of our mouths! WHY, speak negative things into our lives? Some of us do it unconsciously. We’ve create this pattern for so many years that its an automatic response! RECONDITION your reactions!

Proverbs 18:21 tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue. Creation begins in the heart…out of your heart you speak. It’s time to create the fertile ground for greatness, SPEAK IT! When stuff happens, SPEAK AGAINST THE NEGATIVE. Practice today..just say positive things today! I promise the sheer positive energy of a great WORD environment will make you smile!

Ivy Out


Passionate on Purpose

WHOOOOAAA NELLY!! How many times have you heard that from a 29 year old? Seriously, when you YIELD to the Holy Spirit URGING you to move forward with your purpose…the provisions line up. 

There is something inside of you that isn’t for you. It’s for the masses. WE have to be unselfish with our gifts. Sometimes the biggest blessing, is being available for the right person to align with you. I don’t want to sound spooky or deep, but obedience will unlock that hurdle you’ve been climbing alone. You don’t have to struggle uphill…JUST MOVE WHEN GOD SAYS MOVE.

I met a young lady by the name of Darnel Williams about eight or so months ago. I didn’t know that we would be business partners. I didn’t know that we had the same passion for seeing women uplifted. The same passion to educate young girls on the value of “being a lady”. I am so grateful that I have yoked up with someone in a mission to elevate all women spiritually, mentally, and holistically. Image is a reflection of you and it requires introspection. So Fierce.Elegant.Posh and Spiritually Sound (PEARL IMAGES) =)

 Find Darnel at

JUST A SNAPSHOT: Game Changers Unite

Ivy Out


Gratitude shifts your MOOD!

As a parent, would you give your child more of something that they didn’t appreciate? (“Good parenting” & common sense says NO) If not, why would God give us more money… If we can handle our current situation? Why would He give us mortgage if we are ungrateful for our apartment?(Surely, these are random examples, insert thing you want here!) To be frankly honest, gratitude also signifies a certain level of maturity.

It’s certainly not a strange concept to even babies. However, most people develop a “GIVE ME” spirit and not a “THANK YOU” spirit. Get back to THANK YOU! It will elevate your life, primarily, because from a genuine place…it comes. You envelope yourself in lessons instead of of depression! You can crawl out of a negative place and declare: LORD I AM GRATEFUL THAT YOU DEEM ME STRONG ENOUGH FOR THIS CHALLENGE! YOU GIVE YOUR STRONGEST TESTIMONIES TO THOSE WHO CAN CARRY THE TORCH! Its not that the situation doesn’t suck, but you can CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE!

Gratitude changes your perspective. It can reshape your thinking and your activity. Lets face it, Change your mind, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Grateful that you took a few moments of your day to share with me!!

Ivy Out



When life has thrown you for a loop… When the unexpected rears its head…
When it seems everything is horrible or perfect:


PRAY because we have the right to speak with the FATHER day and night.
PRAY because we are instructed to as believers.
PRAY because worry increases fear, which we shouldn’t operate in.
PRAY because it just makes sense.
PRAY because it feels good to know that God hears every prayer.
PRAY because intercession is effective for the righteous.
PRAY because we are able.
PRAY because you need to talk to God.
PRAY because God needs to talk to you.
PRAY when you are happy and when you are not.
PRAY because Jesus prayed.
PRAY because we are operating under the watchful eye of a cloud of witnesses.
PRAY because prayer still works.

1 Thessalonians 5:17(NLT) – Never stop praying.

Ivy Out


It’s because I’m a woman, right?

Women have the responsibility of being emotional. We have been gifted with the nurturing skills to make sure the next generation is properly cared for. We were given a certain “extra” capacity to love our spouses and significant others. We were given the precious gift of carrying life… but, it’s because I’m a woman that I feel the way I do right now.

I am curious about him. I pray about discernment. I pray concerning him. I don’t know if he knows it. When I hear from him, there is a one ton weight on my chest. Some unknown anxiety of…”I wonder how his day is going?” “Is he smiling?” “God bless him today.” 

Yes really, I think these things. I’ve always been “that” girl. I know that God has more for me than past hurts. I don’t wallow in them. Thankfully, when I’m over it, I can still be cordial and friendly. I don’t hate any man from my past. There were lessons learned, maturity examined, and ultimately each one wrong is a step closer to forever right. 

Nothing about love is logical. A friend of mine asked me my definition. Enjoy: 

Love is hard to explain. It’s more a verb than anything. It is action and forgiveness, fondness, and a deep seeded emotion that is illogical and non conforming. Love is amazing and also crippling. Under the covering of God, it is what we should possess for all mankind…in the case of my heart’s fullness…Love with the wrong person is my kryptonite. With the right person, it is my super power. 


Not grammatically correct, but honestly genuine. 

Ivy Out


Short N Sweet

I just wanted to blog, to the best of my ability, the fullness in my heart!

Yesterday, I was inundated with birthday wishes and love. I couldn’t have been more full. The few minutes that people took to wish me a happy birthday really meant the world to me!

When you invest a few minutes to seed into someone’s life… You can’t imagine it’s immense harvest!

“You can count the apple seeds you plant, but countless are the apple trees in the orchard.”

Ivy Out


Real Quick Like

There aren’t enough people smiling today! I really wanted to blog about getting away from people with a GEPPETTO SPIRIT…but I’ll save that for another time.

My birthday is tomorrow…but can I request a birthday present from my readers? Can you smile at someone today? Can we just all just agree to do something kind for someone else in the next 24 hours? Smiles are free…start there!


eyevee owt (sorry! Another smile inducer… Ivy Out!


Honest Hearts

Music has mood changing abilities. Isn’t it amazing that you can hear upbeat music and either smile or feel aggressive (depending on your taste). Or how you can walk into a yoga studio or to a spa…and non verbally laced tones will tickle eardrums and soothe your soul. Music can create an atmospheric change that wraps its arms around you like a cashmere sweater.

Music can also paint images of love on the back of your eyelids. The desire of most women…was the Cinderella love story. I don’t think I recalled dwelling on the “maid” conditions, the horrible temperament of the step mother, the jealously and envy of the sisters, or even the sadness of the absent from the body father, just the love story.

Do we as adults forsake the “other” part of a good love story. The background and foundational knowledge of personal growth. Do we miss the character building and etiquette of maturity? Could you imagine a violent Cinderella? Someone who blamed everyone for everything, was physically aggressive, and a bully? Conversely, what of a Cinder that would have turned back to rags in front of a heartless prince? One who had the audacity to verbally reprimand her existence. What then?

I thank God for maturity. For not pulling me out of this valley of singleness before I (or then soon to be suitor – or soon I hope, lol) was ready to meet each other. I still believe that fairy tales come true, because the story writer has my heart in His divine hands. The soundtrack in my heart is gratitude. The song on my lips is thanksgiving. The temperature of my essence paints “welcome” on the air I breath. I can hear the strings playing…

Ivy out!



SOOO, anyone else beat their alarm clock this morning? The ten minutes of coveted “snooze” time… is what I lost this morning. Not even a shed tear or a complaint shall dust my lips for it! It’s now officially Wednesday!

As a kid, I loved school (might be why I keep going back). Wednesday meant we were close to FRIDAY! As adults, we get excited for a different type of Wednesday joy. Child-like-me knew there were less responsibility on weekends. I could hang out with friends (as much as an adolescent could ‘hang out’), I could relax, I could sleep, and IF it was the week of my birthday, I’d feel like a princess!

Why do we let go of the sheer innocence of anticipation when we grow up? I know we have bills/expenditures, responsibilities, families, and “stuff” to handle, but why not face it like a kid? Adults can become stiff and stuffy when we so easily forget our innocence.

Saturday I celebrate 29. I believe now more than ever…I appreciate children’s ability to get excited over anything! Last night at church, a small baby got excited because he could walk well! He kept walking laps back and forth, turning and smiling! During one of those reps, he walked up to my left leg and hugged my calf. ::CAN YOU SAY MELT MY HEART?!?:: That made my night!

It was the sweetness of the gesture during his victory laps that inspired this post! Find something to get excited about! Find someone to share it with…and know that it’s WEDNESDAY;)

Ivy out