Writing for a miracle or at least clarity…

How many times have you started a writing project, only to scrap all of your brainstorming? It wasn’t even worth recycling. I forget how taxing the gift of writing can be when you aren’t in a “writing mood”. It’s almost like the weather, sometimes you feel like being outside. However, in the midst of Texas heat, sometimes you don’t. 

Today was interesting. I over think most of the time. Attempt to break down things to get to the simple core so that mental digestion is easier. I look for connections and patterns, links, and clues. Today, right now, I exist. I am in this place where God is leading and I am following. I trust Him. I have no idea what this next season holds, I just know it finally feels different. It isn’t the impending birthday that fast approaches, or the new decade that it brings. It isn’t any sudden health changes, or weeks of the month differences. It genuinely feels different. 

I am holding on to the One, I Am that I AM. I know that I am putting effort, thought and breath into living the best life I can live. I worship, praise, pray, read, study, and journal. I give – time, talent, and money. I deduce only this: the rain soon come. 


Living in GREAT expectation, 

Ivy Out


Gratitude prelude

It’s October 1st! That means a lot for me. The seasons have changed…even in Houston! (Where we can normally wear shorts on Christmas) It is also the month of my birthday. I share this month with my father, cousin, and a host of friends! This SEASON brings gratitude to a summit. It’s in that vein that I share the following:

We worry about not being able to bring gifts to people on occasion. About not being in position to show outward affection toward our kin and friends. Most of the time we forget that it’s not the amount but the thought that counts. Now, that can seem cliche’ and obsolete, but BEAR WITH ME! (Yes, bear-Grrr!) How many times are we invited to share moments with people,and we don’t show up. We leave the biggest obligation to “other people”. That echoes out into the universe and of the 50 people invited, five show up. How do you think the honoree feels? I’ve experiences this countless times (personally and professionally). Your presence matters. Seriously!

Have you ever said thank you (thank you Tracie Jae for placing this on my heart) unexpectedly? Try it! Find someone to thank, genuinely. It’s for them…but it’s really for YOU! It feels amazing to be a positive catalyst in someone’s life!

As I walk into birthday week, as a blogger, I say thank you to everyone for reading, liking, and sharing my words! It means the world to me that you would share some time with me.

Gratitude Day, GO!

Ivy Out!