So called friend… I am

I am smack dab in the middle of my first Timothy Keller book. His depiction of Christian friendship has me second guessing how many of them I have had. Honestly, the journey of two people with a common goal… A common cause. In the sense of my “romantic” relationships… According to the very eye opening chapter that I read… Have I been on the same page with a “friend”? Have I allowed a true friend to call me out, correct me, participate in my sanctification without letting my emotions steer me away?

Yes, I am emotional. Yes, I am tired of them diverting me from progress. Whether defense or offense, my guard can be detrimental in silk delicate situations. They are a part of my nurturing, a part of my femininity, but they aren’t the only force controlling me. I will be the first to admit that sometimes my past has been a thermostat and a thermometer in my life. It’s unfair to the new chapters that unfold.

The more I read… The more I learn… The more I want to grow.

I will finish this book this week…for the first read. Then I will read another. Mentally open and absorbing;)

Ivy Out