I just realized that I never greeted my awesome readers in 2014! I won’t get into the awesomeness that is double seven, any new catch phrases, or even the newest cliche’, I will just tell you that I feel good. I know that the attacks have come, but my faith is in the ONE who can calm seas! The new year often brings new hope and joy to people who are burnt out or worn. It can also create the turn of a new season. Education takes a much needed break, and adult and children alike are allowed to rest. Even the government allows for down time. Then the new year, one week later, is celebrated. Whether you gathered in churches or secular parties and festivities, we greeted the new year with smiles and light hearts. Remember that feeling. Let it carry you with positive thoughts and expectations. 

For you who are new to my blog, I am unapologetically Christian. I am no where near perfect, and I don’t seek to condemn. On the contrary, it is my desire to uplift and enlighten. In this seat, I am both a writer and an open book. I pour out all I have to anyone who will read it. Here I cry, smile, scream, sing, talk, love, and share. I hope that you will both love your time here, and share it with others. 

In keeping with my core – 3Cs – I will be writing at LEAST once a week. That is my promise to you. If you catch me slipping, CALL ME ON IT! I am empowering you!

Ivy Out