Reflections with a cape…

I re-read my first year’s worth of blogs (yay, for growth!). I can honestly say, it was a great time to see some of those words again. The impact was undeniable, especially when you encounter words like these:

“Never assume the strong are invincible.”

There is no real super man/woman/girl/boy on earth. I, like many others enjoyed watching the popular television shows, cartoons, and movies that depicted the super heroes in their various spotlights. We are familiar with being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound as a trait of a super hero, but I’d like to submit an addendum. “Able to pray through battles and before complaints,’ as a champion trait. 

Strong doesn’t mean invincible nor is it impossible. It does however speak to an overcomer. No one has ever been deemed strong without first showing some sign. 


My prayer right now is for the renewing of those who grow weary from being strong. You do not labor in vain. Stay the course. I love you, and so does the Master Coach! 

Ivy Out