What if…

Earlier this week, while reading my Nehemiah Bible Study, I was hit by a sentence. I posted my reaction on Facebook in the form of a question. This week I leave that question with you: 

“What if your knee-jerk reaction was to trust God?”

I am not jeering at anyone. I am training myself to build the discipline of “praying first, not in reaction to”. I doubt highly that every believer is at the same stage in their walk with Christ. However, ponder for a second, what would be different in your life, and those you are connected to, if your first reaction was to trust God?




You are being watched

There are eyes on you, and you may never know who they belong to.

There is a picture circulating around the web and the caption says something like: I wanted to quit, then I realized who was watching. In the picture, it’s usually a parent and a child. I would like to attribute this to your life.

Someone, somewhere is looking up to you. Sometimes, you are blessed to hear from that person. They will tell you how watching you helped them. It’s an humbling moment. When you are aware that you’ve contributed to the success of someone else, you become significant. However, if they never tell you, be significant anyhow.
It’s not just the victorious moments that motivate others, the transparent ones do a great deal! It reminds people that to err is to be human. It lets them know that they can keep going.

I watch many people. I admire most, from afar. Subliminally: thank you. For those who watch me, I pray that I don’t let you down;).