Muck to Masterpiece: Happy


So many people are mourning, doubting, breaking, crying, frowning, cowering, and body bent in the world. BE a part of a positive trend to CHOOSE happiness. Not happy because things are just peachy perfect around you. Happy IN SPITE of the situations. Paul talks about being content in any season. Seriously… the made up mind is the champion in this scenario.  I admitted to some of my brothers and sisters at church that I had an Elizabeth spirit. I have learned to truly celebrate with those around me. Like Joseph (Barnabas) I have learned the value of encouragement. Like David I can dance. Like Martha, I know who to trust (the I AM). I am really REALLY smiling right now…as I type this.

The reality means nothing to a God who can do anything, use anyone, …Jesus is the ORIGINAL REMIX. Revelations 21:5 He came to make all things new!!

Trust that the muck can be a masterpiece! Abstract art makes sense to some and no sense to others! I am ART. YEAS! Happy is the most beautiful thing you can put on in the morning and one of the most generous gifts you can give!

**there is an underlying theme in this piece…did you see it? T R U S T G O D;)**

Ivy Out